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Global Oils And Fats Business Magazine

Jan 2011 - Mar 2011

Global Oils and Fats Business Magazine (GOFBM) is Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s effort in disseminating information related to the global oils and fats market specifically the palm oil industry. It touches on various issues such as environment sustainability and nutrition. GOFBM also offers news, market insights and information that is useful for all interested parties. 

All views expressed in the GOFB are not necessarily those of the publishers. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval form or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher.

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Malaysian Palm Oil Fortune

October 2011

The Malaysian Palm Oil FORTUNE is MPOC’s (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) monthly market update covering the latest development in the oils and fats market. This newsletter can now be downloaded via MPOC’s Website ( You can also make use of the Malaysian Palm Oil FORTUNE as your platform to advertise your products/services. We are ready to offer advertisement space in each monthly issue at very affordable rates. 

For further enquiries, please e-mail : Keep abreast with marketing issues around the globe. Be sure to look out for the next issue of Malaysian Palm Oil FORTUNE!

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More Publications

Getting the Facts Right

The rapid growth of the palm oil industry has brought about many new challenges to the sector’s future competitiveness and sustainability. I was often approached by friends in the industry to share my thoughts on issues affecting the industry. I decided to blo..

Annual Report 2010 – Leveraging On Sustainability

Year 2010 had been reasonably good for the Malaysian palm oil industry. Prices began an upward trend in the third quarter, recording a healthy increase of 30%, with reliable predictions that prices may continue to remain high through to the second quarte..

Biodiversity for Busy Managers

"Biodiversity for Busy Managers" is a new initiative of Wild Asia to develop useful and practical resources for those on the frontline of land developments. The idea is to inspire and guide managers and planners to address and tackle key biodiversity issues th..

Quality and Functions of Palm Oil in Food Applications – A Layman’s Guide

While working at the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (now the Malaysian Palm Oil Board) in the 1980s I received a phone call from a social acquaintance involved in the palm oil trade, asking "I say old chap, what’s a fatty acid then?" It was not diffic..


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