International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference (IPOSC) 2018

The 5th International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference 2018 (IPOSC 2018) highlights the sustainability efforts and progress of the Malaysian palm oil industry.

IPOSC 2018 is organised as a targeted platform to update the palm oil industry stakeholders on current and emerging sustainability developments in the industry. IPOSC 2018’s focus will be on:

  • Palm oil, agriculture and potential impacts on environment and climate change
  • Progress and challenges of MSPO certification
  • Wildlife conservation and deforestation


Event Programme

Plenary Paper :
Forests and Agriculture: Land Use Challenges and Opportunities – the Palm Oil Perspective

download_pdf Dr. Eva Muller,
Forestry Policy and Resources Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO), Italy

Session 1: Palm Oil – Agricultural Commodity and Sustainable Development Catalyst
Paper 1 :
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Palm Oil Sector – a Sime Darby Perspective

download_pdf Dr. Simon Lord,
Chief Sustainability Officer,
Sime Darby Plantation Berhad, Malaysia

Paper 2 :
Renewable Energy Directive Post-2020, With a Reference to Palm Oil

download_pdf Simo Honkanen, SVP Sustainability & Public Affairs,
Neste, Finland
Paper 3 :
The Sustainable Palm Oil Journey in Africa

download_pdf Audrey Lee,
Sustainablity General Manager,
Olam International Ltd, Singapore

Paper 4 :
Sustainable Oil Palm Cultivation In Malaysia – Is Peatlands A Suitable Choice?

download_pdf Dr. Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir,
Deputy Director General (Research & Development),
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

Session 2: MSPO Forum – How Far Are We?
Paper 1 :
The Dynamics for Mandatory Scheme to be Successfully Implemented

download_pdf Dr. Sanath Kumaran,
Acting CEO,
Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC)

Paper 2 :
Cooperation Between Smallholder Groups and the Industry To Build an Efficient Mechanism for Certification

download_pdf Dr. Ainie Hj. Kuntom,
Senior Research Fellow,
Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

Paper 3 :
Progress on How Industry is Adapting to Emerging Mandatory National Standards

download_pdf Syed Mahdhar Syed Hussain,
Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA)

Paper 4 :
Roles of NGOs as a Catalyst to Build a Sustainable Malaysian Palm Oil Sector

download_pdf Nithi Nesadurai,
Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO)

Paper 5 :
Strengthening MSPO Principles and Criteria and Benchmarking Against ISCC Sustainability Requirements

download_pdf Andreas Feige, Managing Director,
Meo Carbon Solutions GmbH, Germany

Session 3: Palm Oil Sustainability Certification – Diverging or Consolidating?
Paper 1 :
High-risk vs Low-risk ILUC Biofuel Feedstocks – Where Does Oil Palm Fit In?

download_pdf Prof. Gernot Klepper,
Senior Researcher,
Kiel Institute (IfW), Germany
Paper 2 :
Views on ILUC to Determine Biofuel Sustainability Using Palm Oil and Rapeseed as Examples

download_pdf Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram,
Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)
Paper 3 :
CSPO Opportunities and Challenges in Europe

download_pdf Andreas Feige,
Managing Director,
ISCC System GmbH, Germany
Paper 5 :
HCV – National Interpretation

download_pdf Surin Suksuwan,
Regional Director,
Proforest Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Session 4: Addressing Conservation and Deforestation
Paper 2 :
Land Use and Conservation Status in Sarawak

download_pdf Oswald Braken Tisen,
General Manager – Protected Areas & Biodiversity Conservation Division,
Sarawak Forestry Corporation

Session 5: Views on the State of Palm Oil’s Sustainability
Paper 1 :
Palm Oil, Conservation and Public Perception

download_pdf Robert Hii,
Founder, Friends of Borneo

Paper 2 :
The Chain Reaction of NDPE Policies

download_pdf Quek Karl Yen,
Regional Lead, The Forest Trust Malaysia

Paper 4 :
Greenpeace’s Views on Malaysia’s Palm Oil Sustainability Efforts

download_pdf Kiki Taufik,
Global Project Leader of Indonesia Forest Campaign, Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Paper 5 :
European Market Perspective on Palm Oil

download_pdf Joshua Lim,
Global Lead on Sustainable Supply Chains,
Wilmar International, Singapore

Session 6: Stating the Case for Palm Oil’s Sustainability
Paper 1 :
The Role of CPOPC in the Global Scenario

download_pdf Mahendra Siregar,
Executive Director, Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC)
Paper 2 :
The Truth About Orangutan Numbers

download_pdf Dr. Marc Ancrenaz,
Scientific Director, HUTAN
Paper 3 :
Malaysian Palm Biodiesel’s Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities

download_pdf UR Unnithan,
President, Malaysian Biodiesel Association (MBA)

Paper 4 :
Palm Oil Sector Transformations : Are They Going Into the Right Direction?

download_pdf Johan Verburg,
Pro-Poor Value Chains Advisor, Oxfam Novib, Netherlands

Expert Panel Debate: Sustainable Palm Oil – More Uncertainties or a Brighter Future?
Paper 1 :
Sustainable Development and Palm Oil – Malaysia’s Perspective

download_pdf Dr. Surina Ismail,
Group Head of Sustainability, IOI Corporation Berhad

Paper 2 :
Sustainable Development and Palm Oil

download_pdf Denys Munang,
Director-Sustainability, Eagle High Plantations, Indonesia

Paper 5 :
Renewable Energy in Europe

download_pdf Simo Honkanen,
SVP Sustainability & Public Affairs, Neste, Finland