ew York Giants receiver Victor Cruz has visited the home

“I think [Belichick] drugged us,” McCourty, the former Rutgers cornerback, said. “We were all at his home for that welcoming dinner, and the next thing I knew I was blindfolded, going in and out of consciousness. I know at one point we were in a plane, because I heard a captain’s announcement.

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wholesale jerseys 17, 2012)New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz has visited the home of the 6 year old Connecticut shooting victim who was buried in a replica Cruz jersey.

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http://www.pandorajewellry-canada.com/ Jack Pinto was among 20 children shot to death Friday in Newtown. Several elementary school age children played touch football in the front yard of his family’s home Tuesday. Many wore Giants jerseys or Newtown football or wrestling shirts as they laughed, smiled and hugged.Jack Pinto, 6, RememberedThe crowd for 6 year old Jack Pinto’s funeral was so large, the building couldn’t fit everyone who wanted to pay their respects to the little boy who loved football and the Giants’ Victor Cruz. wholesale jerseys

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