10th Global Oils and Fats Forum USA 2017

This year, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council through our Regional USA Office is pleased to announce the 10th Global Oils & Fats Forum which is scheduled to be held on October 4, 2017 at the Tun Hussein Hall, Embassy of Malaysia, Washington DC. The theme for this year’s forum is “Oils & Fats Market Watch : Advancing Sustainability and Overcoming Challenges”. This theme is specially chosen since the event will highlight current issues such as global market outlook, economic benefits, sustainability and other challenges impacting the global oils and fats industry.


Event Programme
SESSION 1 : Oils and Fats Currents Issues and Development
Plenary Paper :
Global Market for Vegetable Oils and the Outlook

download_pdf Thomas Mielke,
Oil World

Paper 1 :

Reinforcing the Sustainability Journey of Malaysian Palm Oil

download_pdf Dr Ruslan Abdullah,
Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Paper 2:

Palm Oil as A Source for Specialty Oleochemicals

download_pdf Mark Porter,
DuPont Industrial Biosciences

Paper 4:

Consumer Perception of Palm oil in the USA

download_pdf Linda Gilbert,
EcoFocus Worldwide

Paper 5:

Assessment of the Challenges Posed by 3MCPD / GE in Oils and Fats

download_pdf Dr. Roger Clemens,
University of Southern California, USA

SESSION 2 : Market Updates and Price Forecast
Paper 6:

Research Priorities on Palm Oil at MPOB

download_pdf Dr Ahmad Kushairi Din,

Malaysian Palm Oil Board

Paper 7:

Crops, Edib le Fats and Oils in the US – Market Updates and Trend

download_pdf Justin Choe,


Paper 8:

Palm Oil Market Outlook & Trends 2017 and Beyond

download_pdf Mohd lzham Hassan,

Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Paper 9:

Waste Oils from Palm Stream as Feedstock for Biofuels

download_pdf Shailendra Bhandari,

EcoOils Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Paper 10:

Palm oil: Continuing To Meet Global Oils & Fats Demand

download_pdf Tan Sri Datuk Dr Yusof Basiron,

Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Paper 11:

Palm Oil in America

download_pdf Luis F.Dangond Lacouture,


Paper 12:

Global Supply & Outlook for Oils & Fats in 2017 /18 (Focus on North America)

download_pdf Dr. James Fry,

LMC International



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